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Home has been revamped

RCHelicopterShop was found since 2005, we have 6 years experience in e-commerce industry and thousands of products were shipped successfully to our worldwide customers. In this new revamped web-site, we have a new shopping cart, offering a wide range of products, better shopping experience and more discount.


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RC Helicopter Manufacturer
walkera helicopter Nine Eagle Helicopter Storm Helicopter SYMA Helicopter
Esky Helicopter Align Helicopter Swift Helicopter ZG Helicopter

RC Helicopters for Beginner

RC Helicopters for Intermediate

RC Helicopters for Expert

Helicopter Parts
walkera Parts Nine Eagle Parts Storm Parts Art-Tech Parts
Esky Parts Align Parts Swift Parts  


Why Choose Micro RC Helicopter?


Micro helicopter is stable and easy to control. Many people can adapt it in 2-3 flights.


Big RC helicopter kills! Small RC helicopter is relatively safe.


Micro helicopter is perfect for indoor flight so that you can play it at home or at office anytime.


Micro Helicopter is much durable than a big helicopter. Micro helicopter rarely breaks in a crash.

Environment Friendly

Big nitro helicopter exhausts pollution. Micro helicopter is battery-operated. It is clean!

Cheap Parts

Micro helicopter is cheap and easy to repair. It is very important for beginner.

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